Whole grain chocolate cake with zucchini

A ‘healthy’ chocolate cake that is made with whole grains (whole wheat and sorghum flour) zucchini and jaggery. A must try!

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If you have leftover zucchini, over ripe banana and craving a chocolate cake, this recipe is for you. Moist, crumbly and not overly sweet, this cake can be enjoyed any time of the day.

Have it plain or dolloped with honey yogurt, it is surely a healthy treat. Or have it with tahini icecream or my caramel sauce, it is surely to please everyone.

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Let me know how this recipe turned out for you by writing to me in the comments below. And if you take a picture, please tag me on my instagram handle @acookwithin to share your creation😊 It would make my day!

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6 thoughts on “Whole grain chocolate cake with zucchini”

  1. Hi,
    What can we use instead of jowar flour, as it’s not available in this part of d world !! Any other option ?

    1. Hi Kiran, you can use the same quantity of whole wheat flour instead. Do let me know your feedback on the modification so that other readers can benefit.

  2. Hi I made the cake and it was really soft and tasty. I made few adjustments to make it more healthy but the taste and texture were the same.
    * Instead of zucchini I used marrow of same quantity.Squeezed the water out with hand.
    * Oil 1/4th C only
    * Instead of 1 C chocolate chips I used 1/4th C chocolate chips + 1/4 C Black raisins.
    * 1/4 C of normal cocoa powder+ raw cocoa.
    Thankyou for the amazing recipe.

  3. Hi,

    Looks like very interesting recipe.

    I have few questions.

    Any substitute for zucchini?

    Corn flour means corn starch or that yellow corn flour?

    If i want to bake it as muffins how much time should i bake?

    1. Hi Renuka,
      Thank you! 🙂 to answer your questions:
      1. considering zucchini is a mildly flavoured watery vegetable, use another substitute veg similar in properties. Off my hand, maybe cucumber or even lauki might work. Do the same thing though, place it over a colander so that the excess water drains off. Do report back on the results so that it can help other readers.
      2. corn starch is same as corn flour. Not the yellow corn flour (makke ka atta)
      3. Cook for about 18 minutes and do the skewer test when you bake them as muffins. If skewer comes off wet, cook for another 2 min interval till the skewer comes with few crumbs.
      Happy baking!