Tahini ice cream with black sesame halva

Prepare creamy and nutty no churn Tahini ice cream with only 4 ingredients and then top it with 5 ingredient black sesame halva. Can it get any more simpler?

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A quick, no churn ice cream with few ingredients is just what you need to lift your spirits during these times. If your bowls and ingredients are pre chilled, it takes less than 10 minutes to make this delicious treat.

Whipped cream and condensed milk give a perfect base to play around with the flavours of your choosing and therefore is also a perfect party food. Create an assorted topping for your guests and leave them to create flavours on their own. For my son’s birthday, I arranged for an ice-cream buffet and it was a hit with children as well as adults. Some ideas that you can use as well:

  1. Assorted toppings like:
    1. Cookie crumbs
    2. Sugar candies
    3. Marshmallows
    4. Sprinkles
    5. Raisins
    6. Salty toppings like chips, pretzels etc.
  2. Sauces:
    1. My masala chai caramel sauce
    2. Chocolate sauce
    3. Strawberry or any other fruit jam thinned out with some water
  3. Nuts like pecans, walnuts or almonds
  4. Fruits like cherries, bananas, apple, strawberries…
  5. Plain or a waffle cone

Mix and match and combine with this basic ice-cream to develop your own flavour. I made tahini ice-cream cause I just love the nuttiness it brings to the basic mix. And when topped with halva, you will not be ashamed to lick your spoon, it is that delicious :)

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Let me know how this recipe turned out for you by writing to me in the comments below. And if you take a picture, please tag me on my instagram handle @acookwithin to share your creation😊 It would make my day!

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2 thoughts on “Tahini ice cream with black sesame halva”

    1. I use ready made tahini paste available in the market. However, you can make it home too. Dry roast sesame seeds carefully so that they don’t burn. Once roasted in about 3-4 minutes, put them in the grinder with little salt and grind. once they are powdery, add a little oil and grind it in the paste.