AboutHello! I am so delighted that you found my page 🙂

Welcome to my blog and to a journey of exploring a cook within each one of us.

I am Hema and like all of us, I too have many identities…a mom, a wife, an educator, a special needs teacher, a daughter, a homemaker and of course a cook!

As a child, while helping my mother in the kitchen, I discovered the smells, the sounds and the magic that happens when few ingredients are put together. It was a custom and a routine but not once did I find it boring. However, I never explored that within myself as the educational training in psychology and a successful career helping my oh-so-many special children took precedence over everything. It was yet another magical time in my life that I shall never forget. That was then.

Marriage brought many changes and the biggest being moving constantly. As they say, when life gives lemons, make a lemonade! I discovered new cuisines, diverse cultures and revisited magic of ingredients and found my passion. I find myself more and more drawn to the cook within myself. Blessed with a husband who thinks my passion needs recognition, here I am.


This blog is about everything that I love; buzzing markets, fresh ingredients, going back to my Gujarati roots and varied cuisines.

It is about finding recipes that are easy to create from everyday ingredients, rather than making special trips to the store. Having a foodie son, I constantly strive to make healthy substitutions without sacrificing flavor. So often, he asks for second helping not knowing how much vegetable he has just eaten 🙂

I hope to provide you with daily cooking ideas which can be prepared from scratch and give you varied choices be it traditional Indian dishes or international recipes that can be prepared from local ingredients.
And finally, with this blog, I hope that together, we revive that cook within us and find happiness in creating magic 🙂

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